Roofing Type Information


  • Metal roofs are extremely durable and long lasting
  • The metal panels are strong and will provide protection
  • Very resistant to the elements, wind, and corrosion
  • Environmentally friendly because they last longer and can be recycled
  • Lightweight system, less stress on the building structure
  • Reduce cooling costs by reflecting solar heat
  • Can Provide unique color and aesthetic appearance to properties
Common Problems
  • Lap Seam Failure
  • Rust
  • Backed out / Rusted Fasteners
  • Failed penetration flashings
Life Expectancy
  • 40-50 years if properly maintained


  • Resistance to the elements and TPO
  • Heat aging properties
  • Energy efficient
  • The white TPO reflects sunlight off of the roof
  • Resists mold growth, dirt accumulation, tears, impact and punctures
  • Flexible and can allow for building movement or settling
Common Problems
  • Cold welds
  • Thermal shock
  • Failing patches around penetrations
  • Punctures from excessive debris / foot traffic
Life expectancy
  • TPO roofs can last 20-25 years depending on membrane thickness and how well the roof is taken care of


  • Recyclable material
  • Will not shatter in frigid temperatures
  • Resistance to hail
  • Longevity of the system
  • Simplicity of install and a proven system
Common Problems
  • Cracking sealants
  • Worn down membrane from UV rays
  • Membrane begins to get holes / punctures
  • Failed flashings around penetrations
Life expectancy
  • EPDM roofs typically last around 20 years

Ballasted Roofs

  • Very cost effective
  • System is quick and easy to install
  • Can be used as a patio or rooftop area
  • Rocks protect the membrane from UV wear
  • Energy efficient because the rocks don’t pass the heat into the building
Common Problems
  • Rubber membrane begins to wear down
  • Flashings and sealants wear out
  • Very difficult to leak chase
Life Expectancy
  • Ballasted roofs can last 20-25 years

Built-up Roofs (BUR)

  • Arguably the best roofing system, still to date.
  • Extremely durable, can last 50 years
  • Provide very good waterproofing and protection to a building
  • Not a lot of maintenance required
  • Multi-layer protection adding to the durability
  • Good UV Protection
Common Problems
  • Roof beings to look like alligator skin from the UV rays over time
  • Top layer starts to crack and peel
  • Prone to mold
  • Tough to service and maintain when aging
Life expectancy
  • BUR can last 40-50 years due to the durability of the asphalt and gravel